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Bioscience-toons and sketches as means of educating and communicating science concepts.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Is science really as complex, math as tough, and history as boring as they're often made out to be?

We've all categorized subjects based on our perceptions, sometimes influenced by hearsay or personal experiences. But here's the secret: it's not just the subjects; it's the teachers and their teaching methods that can make us fall in love with any topic and even shape our career choices.

The key is simplification, making information not only 'recallable' during exams or real-life applications but also 'memorable' by providing those magical keywords that spark paragraphs of understanding.

That's where science-based cartoons and comics come into play

  • People find them less complicated and easy to understand.

  • They can easily convey ideas and provide important information.

  • They tell stories in pictures, making them relatable.

  • They use very little text, making them easy to read.

  • They help you remember things quickly and are great for teaching.

  • They can be used in many languages to reach non-English speakers, promoting inclusion and diversity.

  • People love sharing them on social media.

  • They serve as both communication and instructional tools.

Creating multilingual verses

The witty vibe of "Chill" finds its match in "Ayoda" in Malayalam or Tamil and "Areee" in Hindi or Marathi, both essentially conveying a casual "come on" message. So, I have the flexibility to transform it into "come on" in English, effortlessly resolving the issue.

It's a fascinating process that goes beyond crafting cartoons". it's an intellectual and enjoyable exploration of understanding local languages, and colloquial expressions, all while preserving the core scientific message

My intention is to join forces with peers and students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, engaging in vibrant discussions to ensure that the tone and dialogue resonate as both familiar and 'cool' in their localities and regions.

Let's make science universally awesome!



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