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Drawing and Communicating Concepts Across Three Transformative Focus Areas.

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of today's world, shaping a generation empowered by accurate information and adept soft skills is paramount. My journey has led me to focus on three key areas - Research Education and Soft Skills, Sustainable Awareness and Breakthrough, and Knowledge Enrichment in Molecular Biology. Each plays a pivotal role in nurturing critical thinking, empathetic action, content creation, and fostering a positive mindset. Together, they form a comprehensive approach, equipping individuals with essential skills for navigating the ever-evolving world of bioscience research.

When I launched Science In Doses in 2020, my primary goal was to emphasize how information can be conveyed simply and creatively. As time passed, additional responsibilities with deadlines took precedence, and my passion took a back seat. Creativity began to stagnate, and by 2023, it had become almost dormant. In early 2023, I realized that I had grown tired of making excuses for other's priorities and procrastinating (largely on my part). This realization prompted a significant shift in my mindset. I've decided to take proactive steps to rekindle my creativity and refocus on specific areas for Science In Doses, charting a new path forward - from randomness to focus.

In this personal reflection, I'll delve into the motivations behind my choices in these focus areas, outlining their significance and impact.

Research Education & Softskills

This specialized section focuses on imparting crucial research skills encompassing planning, design, management, soft skills, and the requisite mindset to navigate challenges. Emphasizing research as a journey of exploration and problem-solving, the Research Education area aims to equip students with fundamental skills. Success in research is not solely dictated by specific objectives but by individuals taking ownership, demonstrating flexibility, and embracing alternate theories. Accompanied by sketches and 'Lay Art' sessions inspired by lay summaries, this section underscores the importance of resilience, growth, and a commitment to positive impact beyond traditional metrics of success.

All the sketches and cartoons under this session will be termed "Research-In-Doses," distilling a creative and engaging approach to simplify complex research concepts and foster a deeper understanding.

Sustainable Development

Amidst global environmental challenges, the Sustainable Development focus area holds a profound significance for me. It underscores the necessity of cultivating a sustainable mindset, behavior, and choices in response to the past actions that have led to widespread challenges. This section is dedicated to exploring sustainable lifestyle practices by considering cultural, scientific, and economic reference points globally. While achieving a 100% solution may be a distant goal, proactive efforts to mitigate challenges are within our grasp. Utilizing sketches, notes, and cartoons, the focus extends to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and startups catalyzing significant changes, particularly in Climate Action (SDG 13). Links to compelling documentaries on nature's design and future trajectories complement this exploration.

All sketches and cartoons in this session are termed "Sustainability-In-Doses," encapsulating a whimsical approach to promoting sustainable living practices.

Molecular Biology Educational Resources

Diving deep into my passion for molecular biology, I initially sketched fundamental concepts within this field. However, my focus took a significant turn towards a specific project: soil health, sparked by collaboration with Michigan State University and Somaiya Ecosystem research groups, particularly Dr. Lisa Tiemann and Dr. Larry Walker. In the future (2024 onwards), my sketches and notes will illuminate the vital principles underpinning molecular biology concepts. This creative journey will extend to soil health studies, emphasizing metagenomics and referencing insights gained from my collaboration. Soil, acting as a microcosm of ecological processes, becomes the canvas to showcase the intricacies of biological elements. The aim is to revolutionize regenerative agricultural practices and carbon sequestration by sharing information on microbe diversity, uniqueness, and dynamics based on crop type and regenerative farming practices.

All the sketches and cartoons under this session will be termed "MolBio-In-Doses," simplifying molecular biology concepts required for soil health and diversity studies.

In conclusion, my journey into these four focus areas is driven by a desire to empower individuals to become resilient, informed, and forward-thinking global citizens. MolBio-In-Doses, Sustainability-In-Doses, and Research-In-Doses are intricately interconnected, forming the foundation for cultivating a research workforce equipped with a creative mindset and innovation acumen. This synergy enables individuals to distinguish between real and perceived problems, fostering the development of sustainable-centric solutions.



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