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"You are entering a territory of jargon-less and sketch-full science explanations  that will blow up your rote-learning DNA."

Hi, Parvathi here

I am a Knowledge Worker!

Science-In-Doses is my way of doing my bit for Scientific Social Responsibility (SSR) and 'LiFE Movement’ for Environment-Conscious Lifestyle.  I wear many hats - teacher, researcher, innovator, and programme director, all rolled into one! With responsibility comes accountability - to walk the path!


My game plan? Encourage a 'cultural change' in academic and research institutions. 

My goal? To help educators and researchers create simple creative and engaging content and knowledge delivery systems for teaching and communicating science.


My Approach? Mentor research interns and educational students through short training sessions in developing sketch notes, casual diagrams, and cartoons to articulate and communicate effectively. Collaborate with like-minded people and artisans/experts to build annual education/science communication events/programmes

Let's make science more fun and accessible together!

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Why sketches & cartoons?

  • Easy on eyes and mind

  • Recallable and Adaptable

  • Multilingual creative possibilities

What do I sketch?

  • Research Education  tips

  • ​Simplifying MolBio Concepts

  • Sustainability & Breakthroughs

The illustrative content is organized into three doses encompassing sketches, illustrations, and cartoons elucidating topics related to Research Education, Molecular Biology concepts, and Sustainability. 




The Doses


If any of above focus areas and objectives resonate with your needs or interests, let's explore collaboration and exchange ideas to achieve our common goals.

You can also connect with me to deliver sessions for your students/researchers on "Creativity in Science Education & Communication," This will introduce and upskill them in causual diagram, cartoons and sketchnotes.

Latest Doses 

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