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"This space invites researchers and educators to embrace a new language of learning, blending knowledge with the vivid strokes of imagination. Get ready to revolutionize the way we communicate science!"


A collection of research tips & advice to help research aspirants make informed decisions. The current category also showcases the creative representation of impactful research articles and research management articles in a lay-art & lay-summary format for ease of understanding. This may motivate the researcher's to 'embrace' creativity and 'shrug off' technicalities for general communication.


Go ahead, standardization is on- sample the dose!


Informative dosage of science through visual representation of molecular biology concepts and methodologies. Subsequent posts from 2024 will delve into the application of molecular biology tools for soil health studies and environmental microbiology.


The intent is to assist and motivate educators and learners to come up with creative instructional materials to promote and communicate science.

Revisualise Science, experience the creative dose!


Sustainability isn't just a marketing buzzword; it's our lifeline to a greener, thriving planet. It's the mantra that guides us to make conscious choices today for a healthier, harmonious tomorrow

Here you will see depictions of concepts on 'what makes sustainability?', trends that will be green, and startups in climate action space for creating greener, healthier future.

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